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Home Interior Design

Let our professional team get the best ID for you!

Carpentry Works

We specialize in all kind of custom carpentry works.

Office Interior Design

We have vast experience in designing the ideal office space for you!

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Mr Morris, Ubi One | Commercial Office

” link=”http://www.mediaplusdemo.com/oneconcept/our-testimonials/” target=”_blank”]Well done to James and his team has done to renovate our house. Their team has provided us with their professional design and consultation service! Our Mansionette  flat looks so much vibrant after their renovation work. Service is prompt & friendly![/blockquote]

Featured Projects

Our satisfaction comes from delivering quality projects to our clients!



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Living Room Renovation
Giving a new look to a old condo

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New Restaurant Renovation
Renovation of a restaurant space

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Revamp of  Washroom
Revamp of Washroom at Esta Condo